The Passenger

Thriller (75mins)


The morning after a family wedding, Charlotte and Dan Edmunds begin their long journey home. Hungover and arguing, they narrowly avoid hitting a broken down motorist. However, this is no random near miss. The man by the side of the road is Samuel. Righteous and determined, he is there to force Charlotte in to admitting an affair. But a confession may not be enough.

Shot entirely on Go Pro’s and set within one claustrophobic location, The Passenger is an intense, hyper-real thriller that warns us of the dangers of complacency and passivity.

Director & Producer: Brian M Franklin

Writer & Producer: Sinead Beverland

Cast: Luke Christian, Isaac Money & Abbie Steele

Director of Photography: Ben Margitich

Art Director: Elena Muntoni

Editor: Maj Jukic

Assistant Director: Charlie Brades-Price

Storyboard: Magda Jukic

Sound: Mike Shackleton

Make-Up/VFX: Camile O'Neill



Thriller (90mins)


‘Home’ is the story of an everyday situation that spirals absurdly out of control. The story of wife and mother, Joanna Baxter, who is desperately trying to maintain her perfect life.

On the eve of Joanna's dinner party to celebrate her husband's birthday, she makes a discovery that tears a hole in the life she has created. On the following fateful September evening, this discovery leads her to murder. With the party about to start and her guests only minutes away, Joanna clambers to hide the body. She must cover up the murder she has committed and escape the inevitable consequences. Her home is at risk and nothing is going to take that away from her.

Director: Brian M Franklin

Producer: Huw Penalt-Jones

Writer: Sinead Beverland

Cast: TBC