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‘Home’ is the story of an everyday situation that spirals absurdly out of control. The story of wife and mother, Joanna Baxter, who is desperately trying to maintain her perfect life.

On the eve of Joanna's dinner party to celebrate her husband's birthday, she makes a discovery that tears a hole in the life she has created. On the following fateful September evening, this discovery leads her to murder. With the party about to start and her guests only minutes away, Joanna clambers to hide the body. She must cover up the murder she has committed and escape the inevitable consequences. Her home is at risk and nothing is going to take that away from her.

As the guests arrive, a bracelet is found on the kitchen floor and suspicions start to brew. Joanna’s son, Jack, realises that the bracelet belongs to his girlfriend Emma and admits that he secretly invited her. Emma will never arrive. Questions are asked and arguments ensue. The evening quickly disintegrates and Joanna's secret is suddenly and seriously threatened, driving her to attack again. Refusing to give up on the life she has so carefully constructed, Joanna believes she can fix everything if she can regain control. No one is going to get in her way. This is where the unthinkable will happen. This is HOME.

Director/Producer: Brian M Franklin   Co-Producers: Kees Kassander & Julia Ton   Writer: Sinead Beverland   Casting Director: Luci Lenox   Composer: Marco Werba