The Pitch is a ten minute film about a Director pitching his own ten minute film to his Producer. His idea is to make a short movie that is homage to some of the greatest Directors cinema has ever seen, using subtly placed moments, quotes and shots from their most iconic films. There are, however, a few problems. The main one being the Producer who is pretty sure this is anything but a good idea and is trying to explain this to the overly excited Director. As the argument goes on all the ideas we hear come to life around them and they somehow find themselves inside the movie they are talking about.

Director/Writer: Maj Jukich
Producer: Brian M Franklin
Director of Photography: Ben Margitich
Art Director: Elena Mutoni
Production Manager: Sinead Beverland
Storyboard: Magdalena Jakubowska

Jeff Harding (Rob)
Chris Scott (Steve)
TBC (Secretary)

Format: 35mm
Duration: 10mins
Principal Photography: December 2017

Three interconnected families adjust to the modern world at war.
Ruth watches as her son Martin, her only remaining family, prepares to join the air force. Sara confronts her boyfriend Tamrin about his cowardice towards fighting, and warns him not to run away. And Esme watches as her injured husband wants nothing more then to enlist, and must decide wether she herself wants to fight.

Director/Writer: Oliver Brown
Producer: Brian M Franklin
Director of Photography: Ben Margitich
Editor: Maj Jukic
Art Director: Elena Mutoni
Script Advisor: Sinead Beverland
Sound Recordist: Paul Caton

Jimena Larraguivel (Esme Abaroa)
Richard Glaves (Terry Mitchem)
Jodyanne Richardson (Ruth Farnon)
Andrew Cazanave Pin (Martin Farnon)
Lila Whelan (Sara Brown)
Rishi Nair (Tamrin Attal)
Helen Belbin (Woman)

Format: Digital
Genre: Short, Drama, Family
Duration: 13mins
Released: 2016

The evening starts the same as every other Friday; with a game of bingo. As usual George is the perfect gentleman, escorting his wife Val and friend Jean to the club. However, everything is not quite as innocent as it may seem. For George, problems he thought were in the past are actually only just beginning.

Director/Producer: Brian M Franklin
Writer: Sinead Beverland
Producer: Matteo Rolleri
Director of Photography: Charles C Meyer
Editor: Timothy Parsons
Music: Andrew Whitby

Anna Wing (Jean Parker)
Lynne Verrall (Val Stanley)
Martin Herdman (Frank Denham)
Brian Croucher (George Stanley)

Format: Super 16mm
Genre: Short, Drama, Thriller
Duration: 9mins
Released: 2009

When James makes a break from GreenView Nursing Home, his carer is quick to follow. Does she have his best interests at heart or is there something more sinister to this chase than meets the eye?

Director/Producer: Brian M Franklin
Writer: Sinead Beverland
Director of Photography: Martin Moseley
Editor: Brian M Franklin
Sound: Rosie Hemingway

Jodyanne Fletcher (Nurse)
Ray Bull (James)

Format: Digital
Genre: Short, Drama, Thriller
Duration: 4mins
Released: 2014