Three interconnected families adjust to the modern world at war.

Ruth watches as her son Martin, her only remaining family, prepares to join the air force. Sara confronts her boyfriend Tamrin about his cowardice towards fighting, and warns him not to run away. And Esme watches as her injured husband wants nothing more then to enlist, and must decide wether she herself wants to fight.


Jodyanne Fletcher (Ruth)

Andrew Cazanave Pin (Martin)

Jimena Larraguivel (Esme)

Richard Glaves (Terry)

Lila Whelan (Sara)

Rishi Nair (Tamrin)

Helen Belbin (Woman)

Writer/Director: Oliver Brown
1st AD: Nour Wazzi
2nd AD: Meriel Rosenkranz
Editor: Maj Jukic

Producer: Brian M Franklin
Production Manager: Elena Mutoni
Production Assistant: Phil Calfe
Runner: Nurel Anwar
Runner: Mathew Noble

Director of Photography: Ben Margitich
Focus Puller: Chris Randak
1st AC: Austin Phillips
2nd AC: Philip Calfe
Gaffer/Spark: Jasper G Davis
Gaffer/Spark: James Blythe
Sound Recordist: Paul Caton

Art Director: Elena Mutoni
Costume: Oliver Brown/Elena Mutoni
Make Up & Hair: Niki Henry
Script Supervisor: Hiya Deb

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